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To Boldly Go Where We Have Gone Before

An historical episode not worth repeating:

As TYX, 30 Year Treasury Yield, thanks to Greenspan's conundrum (Webs, News , Blogs),
reaches 38.00 the conditions will be ripe for a replay of

Black Thursday, October 24th, 1929

On March 10th, 2005 @ 19:10 GMT

New Moon & Sunset in London 

We, The 1,184 Partners of the X-it
Have Released to the World a Simple Two Pages Document:

The Activating Message for X-it & Security

«When the solution is simple, God is answering.»

- Albert Einstein.


Enabling People to Shield From the Many
Consequences of the Great Depression.

«To the economists, who are the trustees, not of civilisation, 
but of the possibility of civilisation.» 

- Lord John Maynard First Baron Keynes of Tilton, 
as his toast for his Farewell to Treasury.

No One on Earth Can Stop the X-it, Anymore.

           As Everybody Is Kept Busy Maximising Profit, The Power of Credit Based Money, Independant of Their Will, Is Much Greater & Wicked Than That of Its Owners. From That We Can Infer That Although No One Owns Money, Money Owns Everybody. We Should Never Forget That in the Expression "Free Market", It Is the Market That Is Free. The Same Is True For the Expression "Free Elections". Capitalism & Democracy Are Two of the Gods Man Has Created In Order to Prove His Power To Our Creator. The Result of the Demonstration Is Dubious, at Best. However, The Only Proof the Slave Will Accept of the Wicked Caracter of Credit Based Money Is His Own Ruin. Others Will Find Protection in the X-it.